The 33PT Conference is an event where all kind of designers are coming together to give a talk. The conference takes place in Köln at the KISD (Köln International School of Design) and at the FH Dortmund. This year it was all about editorial design.
Everything was organized by the students in consultation with their professors.
First we had to find a subtitle for the topic “editorial design”.
We came up with “show hidden characters” named after the InDesign command you probably know.
This command shows many important characters which are very helpful when it comes to editorial design.
After that we had to created a poster which reflects this spirit in a not too complicated way.
My poster (you can see that at the bottom of this page) was chosen and from that we constantly worked on this style to improve it. 
The main thought behind my design was to show the basic elements of layout and typography without loosing the attention of the beholder.
So I split the poster in different rectangles to control the field of vision of the viewer and direct him to the essential parts of it.
With that I got an interesting but also minimalistic design which stands out next to other posters.
To get some life into this event I created illustrations for all speakers and animated them. These clips were played behind the speakers while they were giving their talk. I also did a general animation which was played between the talks.