Animations and Illustrations for the “Kölner Design Preis”

The “Kölner Design Preis/Toby E. Rodes Award” is an annual ceremony where the best final theses by designers from Cologne are getting rewarded. The event is organized by students from the KISD (Köln International School of Design). So this year I got the chance to create the background animations for the stage. My task was to produce: 
  • a general animation for non-specific speeches 
  • an animation for the handover of the awards (I created illustrations of the winners and did a slideshow out of the rewarded work from them) 
  • an animation which shows the jury 
  • an animation in honor of Toby E. Rodes 
(On the left you can see the graphics in action)
The GIFS where compressed and sped up in order to grab your attention.The original files are way longer so the audience won’t get distracted by fast scenes during the talk.